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5 Solid Reasons Why You Need a Good Customer Database

Even if you currently don’t communicate with your customers regularly via email, direct mail or phone, there are 5 solid reasons why every company should maintain customer contacts in a database.

  1. To send them a monthly email message.

    Call it a newsletter. Call it an update. Call it something else. Sending customers valuable information every month about working with you (or with your industry) is smart marketing.

  2. Ability to Drive Mail, Email and Social Networks

    Data records can drive direct mail and email campaigns to your customers, and can even help you stay abreast of who is saying what about your product on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

  3. Streamlined Customers

    Our Databases will help your company get more sales, save money and time, and turn existing customers into raving fans with email and SMS marketing.

  4. Market Profiling

    Quickly identify the decision makers within your target market who have the highest probability for making a buying decision.

  5. Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing is about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services. Unlike media advertising, it enables you to target particular people with a personalised message.